Freshman Taylor Inman Raises Money for Charity Water in English I Class


Credit to Karsyn Williams

Freshman Taylor Inman poses in front of a whiteboard.

By Shivani Bondada and Karsyn Williams

No matter how big or small, helping humanity in any way can make an impact on someone’s life. Living in a society where people are suffering from having the basic needs for living, freshman Taylor Inman decided to make an impact by setting up a fundraiser in English teacher Tracy Wuertenberg’s English I classes. 

“[The fundraiser] means a lot,” Inman said. “I always love to see people trying to help other people. That’s always an encouragement to me.” 

When Inman was younger, she would set up fundraisers for her birthday instead of asking for presents. As a child, she always had a passion and a drive to help people in need so that pushed her to set up a fundraiser through class. 

“In English class, we were doing a nature unit about how different things in nature may affect people’s lives,” Inman said. “I chose to do the effects of dirty water on the people living in Africa, specifically because that has always been closest to my heart.”

While doing the research project for Wuertenberg’s class, Inman appeared very passionate during her presentation. After the presentation, Wuertenberg suggested that Inman research specific charities to donate to, when she took a special interest in Charity Water.

“I know I’m doing a good thing so it’s like a reward just to know I’m helping people cause I strive to do what I can for others,” Inman said. “You never know how much this can affect others but I know from the research I’ve done.”

Inman set up a fundraiser through Charity Water, a charity that helps build wells in countries where they do not have access to clean water, mostly in Africa. There is no specific goal set for the fundraiser, but Inman believes that any amount can make a difference.

“We like [Charity Water] because they give 100% of the funds they collect directly to the process,” Wuertenberg said.

Students were able to donate to the cause directly through a bucket in Wuertenberg’s classroom, Room 218. Wuertenberg also has her Venmo open to donations, where students could simply donate to @tracy-wuertenberg with a mention of the fundraiser in the note. 

“I think for Taylor it’s a good way for her to feel like she’s making a difference even as just one person,” Wuertenberg said.

The fundraiser is continuing up until the end of May. Afterwards, Wuertenberg and Inman are collecting all the money given before contributing a large donation to Charity Water.

“It’s important to be thankful for all of the blessings we have because one thing you might take for granted someone else is dreaming of a day when they may have that ability,” Inman said. “Like we have the ability to just turn on a faucet and we have water pouring out and other people are dreaming of a day where they can get clean water.”

In the future she hopes to do another fundraiser because she enjoys seeing people helping out and feels good. To help out the water crisis more, she hopes to become a missionary in Africa in the future. 

“My interest in trying to help the water crisis come to an end impacted me because it caused me to tell other people about it and see what I can do to help,” Inman said. “Just trying to get the word out there and go out of my way to make it known that it is an issue.”