Friday Face-Off: Dragons vs Unicorns

Published: May 7, 2021

Dragons and unicorns have been a part of various cultures’ mythology for centuries. We often wonder what such creatures would be like if they were real. Sadly, they are not real, so we will have to stick to debating which mythological creature would be more impressive if they roamed the Earth.


Dragons are a key point to many mythological stories around the world. These beasts with huge wings, and in many cases are able to breathe fire, are the best mythical creatures. Dragons come in many forms and are way cooler than unicorns who only have a horn.

Although a dragon may wreak havoc, they might be civilized. If they were, then how cool would it be to ride one? I can tell you that it would be much cooler than to ride a fancy horse. Dragons have the potential to be great protectors and would keep cities safe. In many cases dragons are protectors of gold and jewels, they would keep treasures safe from thieves. They would also be more useful in travel. Such a big flying creature would be able to cover more land at a faster pace than a unicorn.

Along with being better in power and strength, dragons are also much more impressive in looks and coolness factor. If you wanted to see a unicorn then just make a fake horn and put it onto a horse, a dragon is it’s own creature which makes it more interesting. Dragons have all of the best characteristics of a mythical creature: fire breath, wings, immense strength and scales. 

“Dragons can be seen as destructive but also protective,” said sophomore Andrew Poertner. “They also have much cooler powers than a unicorn.”

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Unicorns are not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, but they are also lovely companions. Their horse-like features add a sense of familiarity, and make them more approachable than a cold, unfeeling, scaly dragon. Plus, they are easier to ride than a dragon by far, because their backs are perfect for saddling.

In general, unicorns embody happiness. They remind us of a simpler time. Many people have fond memories of unicorn media from when they were younger. Some examples of this are The Last Unicorn and My Little Pony. All of these portrayals paint the unicorns in a pure and positive light, which reflects the pureness and innocence of being a child. They symbolize everything right in the world, as opposed to dragons, which are often affiliated with death and destruction.

Furthermore, unicorns are Scottish. Which you may think of as a con at first, but think of all the good things on this Earth that Scotland brought us. For example, curling and golf were both invented by the Scottish, which are both very beloved sports by all. Unicorns are just another great invention to come out of Scotland.

Lastly, they make awesome frappuccinos. Could a dragon make an overpriced iced coffee drink? I don’t think so.

“Growing up, I always thought a real unicorn would be awesome,” said sophomore Rachel Trapf. “So the notion of one is still amusing to this day.”

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