Sophomore Parker Bruns Goes All Out For Spirit Week


By Alexander Thomas

It’s a week for FHN students to show their creativity. During this month’s spirit week at FHN, many students dressed up in their class colors to show their school spirit. Some students went above and beyond in their outfits for spirit week. One of these students was sophomore Parker Bruns.

“To me, it’s very fun and interactive to participate,” Bruns said. “It gives me a sense that school isn’t always boring and it can be fun.”

Bruns does show his school spirit all the time, but spirit weeks are when he goes all out. He has participated in every FHN school spirit week since his freshman year at north. He chooses different outfits based on each day’s theme. Such as his green FHN shirt to show his class colors.

“Parker is always dressing up for spirit week,” sophomore Brady Jarman said. “One of my favorite things he wears is his cheese hat.”

Bruns is very creative when it comes to choosing his outfits for each theme. No matter what it is, he always comes into school with a unique and sometimes humorous outfit such as his popular ‘cheese hat’. Bruns plans on participating in FHN’s spirit weeks until he graduates because he likes being able to show his style every spirit week.

“My favorite thing about participating in spirit week is that I get to go all out with my outfit,” Bruns said. “I think more people should participate in spirit week because it’s fun to see how creative other people can be.”