FHSD Offers Summer Classes to All Students


By Ray Hathcock

Since COVID-19 has been around, many things have changed. Especially for student’s education. There have been alternate ways of learning for both regular and summer school. 

“So usually, if a kid has failed class a counselor will call them in and encourage them to sign up and give them sheets to sign up,” FHN Counselor Mary Kerr-Grant said. “Some kids are interested in doing summer school, and they usually mention it to me during registration. So, I keep a list and I call those kids in and give them a couple different options for summer school.”

Summer school is similar to normal school. Though students can’t sign up for both programs at the same time, FHSD and MOSI both offer summer school classes. MOSI is completely virtual, and FHSD offers both online and in-school learning. FHSD requires students to be signed in from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for the two weeks classes take place. MOSI students go to class for eight weeks and are able to work at their own pace. 

“So, if you’re really looking for some enrichment and something fun, MOSI is a good place to go,” Kerr-Grant said. “You can do both credit recovery and credit advancement. And you can take up to four classes and that’s two credits [like FHSD’s].”

Freshman Evan McCarthy did FHSD summer school last year. He needed to go to it in order to pass seventh grade, even though he didn’t take it before eighth grade. High school requires that you pass all middle school classes before you are able to advance, usually those classes are made up through summer school.

“[In summer school] I had a cooking class and we cooked food there,” McCarthy said. “And I also had a class that taught me how to sew. And it helped me a lot with that, too. And we just made pillows and stuff. We had gym. We didn’t do much, except play dodgeball and go outside. I was in math in summer school because I had failed it in seventh grade. And it helped me in math a lot. I had fun, I had some of my friends there and I liked gym the most.”

Summer school is recommended for students failing classes or wanting to get extra credits. If students are interested in MOSI summer school they should go down to their counselor before the end of the year to get their special ID in order to sign up. For more information packets are provided in the counselors’ office.