By Chloe Ellison

The Avengers, the saviors of the world, the better movie. The storyline of the first avengers movie was amazing, it introduced us to our favorite characters without making the movie too confusing. On the other hand Guardians of the Galaxy was all over the place and made it a bit too confusing. The Avengers introduced us to the main storyline of the whole marvel universe: Thanos. Without this movie, we never would have gotten all of the other great movies that came after. 

Along with having the better heroes such as Captain America, Black Widow and Thor, the first Avengers movie brought in Loki as a villain. Loki is one of the most loved villains throughout the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), considering his mischievous nature and various redemption arcs. Compared to Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Loki is a much more interesting villain. All Ego wanted to do was steal power from his son.

Along with getting a glimpse into Loki’s trauma and background we also find out the backgrounds for many of our heroes. We see how they work together to defeat the Chitauri invasion. This movie is the first time we see the main six of the MCU together. Setting these characters up together sets up many amazing movies to happen. This movie also gave us one of the best post-credit scenes: the shawarma restaurant.

“I like The Avengers better because there are more characters and more stories intertwined within one movie,” sophomore Sophia Ely said.