Guardians of the Galaxy

By Abigail Keathley

Guardians of the Galaxy was a very unique Marvel movie at the time of its release. Unlike its predecessors, which had a very stern tone, this movie took itself less seriously. Even though it has the same stakes as The Avengers, it has a certain light-heartedness that makes it fun to watch. The humor was so successful, it started a new trend in superhero movies to have a more trivial tone.

Not only is it funnier, but the characters are better. The Guardians are a band of misfits, with their own insecurities and very prominent flaws. Unlike the Avengers, who are all either superhumans or super rich, it is easier for the audience to put themselves in the shoes of The Guardians. Peter Quill (in the first movie) is a perfect example of an average joe. Besides being raised in outer space, he has a lot of struggles that the average American can relate to. He has dealt with loss and trust issues due to his rough upbringing. Nobody likes him, which is something that everyone feels like sometimes.

Its depiction of female characters is also far more complex than in the Avengers. There is much more emphasis on Gamora’s backstory and development than Black Widow. She is not overshadowed by her male colleagues either, which is something that happens too often in other superhero movies.

“I prefer the humor in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies,” senior Ashleigh Lowery said. “I think it’s more relatable. It just makes it more approachable, and I love the characters. Especially Gamora.”