FHN All-Knighter To Be Held At Six Flags


Credit to Anna Hollinger

Seniors Angela Cuccio, Scotty Penning, David Lopez, and Becka Brissette pose recreating a scene from “The Goonies”. This year due to covid, the traditional All Knighter FHN usually holds for seniors had to get canceled for concerns of safety. Instead, the traditional All Knighter got replaced with a Six Flags trip which offers seniors the chance to be together one last time while being able to social distance.

By Sydney Ellison

The FHN All-Knighter will be on Friday, June 4 lasting the whole day while Six Flags is open. The tickets cost $130. Students will need to abide by all Six Flags COVID-19 protocols during the day.

“We just didn’t feel that it would be safe to lock 300+ students in the building overnight so we tried to brainstorm an idea that would still allow the seniors to get together,” Chair of the All-Knighter committee Cynthia Brewer said.

The cost of the ticket covers entry, parking, free unlimited soft drinks, lunch, and more.

“We decided on Six Flags because it is an outdoor venue so that helps deter the spread of the virus being that it’s outside and people can be a little more distanced,” Brewer said.