The Relaxed COVID-19 Restrictions This Summer Will Allow for More Freedom


Senior Shahed Abdallah poses in front of the school with her mask on.

By Alex Thomas

A deadly virus that has kept the world indoors for what seems like forever is suddenly not as terrifying. As more people are getting vaccinated, it seems like the COVID-19 virus is finally coming to an end. Many people are planning activities for summer that were not possible last year.

“I just got my first vaccine a week ago and I’m getting the second one soon,” sophomore TJ Heath said. “I’m excited for this summer because I plan on going on vacation with my family.”

Many people are hoping that their wishes for a better summer than last year will come true. Healthcare workers predict that life will be more normal this summer as more people receive vaccines and businesses open back up. As the virus becomes less deadly, more people will be able to travel and eat at restaurants.

“I don’t think the virus will ever completely go away,” Andrea Thomas,  a nurse at Missouri Baptist, said. “But as more people get vaccinated, the danger of the virus will not be as severe and people will finally be able to enjoy life again.”

The end of the COVID era seems closer every day. In Missouri alone, over 2 million people have been vaccinated and many more people are planning on receiving the vaccine.

Vaccinations are the key to turning life back to normal.

“I think everyone should get vaccinated when they can,” Heath said. “There’s not that much of a risk and it will help us all get out of this pandemic and hopefully enjoy summer.”