Senior Isabelle Delarue Shares Experience of Playing Basketball for 12 Years


Credit to Kyle Button

Senior Isabelle Delarue shouts for joy after winning a close game against St Charles West. She scored 21 points in the game, and said “coming out into this game, I knew I wanted to beat SCW, and my teammates stepped up and we all put in the work to do it.” Delarue has helped the team get to a 13-5 record, more than doubling their win total from last season.

By Parker Kilen, Sports Editor

A lot of basketball athletes aren’t able to score 1000 points in their high school career, whereas senior Isabelle delarue reached 1000 points during her junior year. She also broke the all time FHN girls basketball scoring record set 20 years ago by FHN alumni Lisa Kowalewski at 1367 points, and now holds the record at 1469. Isabelle also now holds the FHN girls basketball record for most rebounds and most steals. Isabelle has played basketball since second grade. She started out as a cheerleader for boys basketball in first grade, but then decided to start playing basketball and that was when Isabelle fell in love with the sport.

“I started out playing club basketball for Missouri Impact, and then I played for the St. Louis Lynx,” Isabelle said. “In high school, I played for Blue Stars St. Louis.”

Isabelle’s sister and former FHN alumni Gabby Delarue has also played basketball for a very long time and has even played alongside Isabelle and both Delarues have enjoyed playing with each other very much, especially at the high school level.

“I just enjoy [my sister and I’s] ability to understand each other’s emotions and how we play on the court. We’re really good at understanding our strengths and weaknesses, so it works well for us,” Isabelle said. “I played with her from seventh grade, until when she was a senior in highschool in 2019, and I wish I could do it again because it was fun.”

According to fellow teammate senior Ella Pardo, Isabelle has really shined as a player and leader throughout the FHN girls basketball program. She’s always kept everyone involved and hyped up before and after games, and has been really good at talking and giving insight to what she sees and just communicating really well with the team.

“She’s really good at reading the floor, and just kind of handing the ball and taking it where she needs to go, making good cuts through, that kind of stuff,” Pardo said. “Just doing her thing, listening, dishing the ball out if she needs to but she can also drive and take it through the lane.”

Next year, Isabelle will be continuing her basketball career at Missouri State University and looks to work hard and be the best player and teammate she can be.

“My goals for my first year is to be supportive, you can’t walk into a school expecting to play, so I know [I’ll] have to play my role and it’s not going to be what I’m used to,” Isabelle said. “I’m looking forward to that, and I’m hoping that [my team will] make me a stronger and better player, and in the future I’m ready to get down there and make a difference.”