North’s First Ever Military Signing day to Occur on Wednesday, May 26


Credit to Shutterstock

Female American Army soldier salutes in the lineup. (Photo from shutterstock)

By Amber Winkler

In the past, the men and women that volunteer to serve for the United State and go into the military out of high school receive little recognition at the end of the school year. They would be asked to stand up at their graduation, but that would be all the attention those serving would get. The aim for the new event at Francis Howell North is to change that. 

Military Signing Day will occur at North on May 26 at 2 p.m. in the auditorium. The event will start with senior Zoë Meier singing the national anthem and the faculty that has served in the military will be recognized. Assistant Principal Jeff Blankenship will be emceeing the event. 

“I just thought it would be something that would be nice to start up,” Activities Director Michael Janes said. “It’s been something that I’ve thought about for a couple of years and just really haven’t taken the time to do it, and one of my goals this year was: Let’s take the time to do it. Make it happen.”

Janes has wanted to hold this event for a couple years now and was finally able to make it happen. Military signing day will mirror a college signing where the student will sign a paper to show their commitment. Only in this case, their commitment is to serve our country instead of committing to a college. 

“I always thought we should do something special for them,” Janes said. “You know, we signed kids that go on for athletic scholarships, and so I thought it’d be a great thing to have a signing day to recognize our kids that are going to serve our country.

Senior Charles Kulage II loved the idea when he first heard about it from his friend. Kulage is going into the Army National Guard while still going to college.

“I think it’s good because it shows people this person is really doing something, this person’s taking action and doing something good for their future, and you know, it’s good to show off the people who are taking those opportunities for whatever reasons they may be,” Kulage said. “But, any reason to join the military is a good reason. I think it’s just nice we’re getting to showcase those people.”

There is no limit to how many family members are able to attend this event, but it is not open to the public. The Board of Education, administration and faculty who have served in the military have been invited as well. Kulage’s family will not be able to attend the celebration, however, he is excited to see his friends in the national guard in attendance at the event.

“The nice part about the National Guard is they know that people come from all different backgrounds and they allow you to be yourself, but improve yourself,” Kulage said. “And that’s really how I felt about [signing up]. I thought okay, they’re going to give me this opportunity to make myself a better person to build myself and to serve my community but stay true to myself, my true feelings.”