Advice to Juniors to Have a Successful Year

Advice to Juniors to Have a Successful Year

By Kane Kruse

Just. Keep. Working. However, hard work does not necessarily lead you to a college degree of some kind. Not everyone’s destination is a typical university, and it’s still incredibly respectful to go into a trade, the military, or the workforce. More times than not, effort and determination towards what you believe will get you further in life and satisfy you more than just following a cookie cutter pathway to college, family life, and eventually, retirement. Don’t be afraid to escape to abnormality to achieve what you know is best for you.

Some people are waiting for high school to be over, and some can’t bear to leave. It seems somewhat far off but your departure is soon approaching. It’s not about trying to do everything you can while you still have the time, it’s about doing what you want and being appreciative of it as often as you can.

Listening to authority figures is starting to get old. Throughout childhood and adolescence, we’re constantly under the watchful eye of any given number of higher-ups, and no matter your future, you’ll always be somewhat under the control or influence of somebody. Come to terms with this and find an outlet if you’re upset, because even after high school, if you move out or move away, somebody will keep you in their pocket.

Learning things is something a lot of people take for granted. Going to school is at least something to spend your time doing, and one could spend a similar amount of time working and making money, but the variability and growth you experience learning and testing yourself won’t be found in a job. Find a way to learn about your interests, or how to pursue a hobby, or learn a skill you’ve desperately wanted to. It’s just not the same working the same day everyday in a full time job.