Human Of FHN | Jordyn Kiel


By Pavan Kolluru, Photographer

Everyone feels the excitement of scrolling through their memories through the yearbook at the end of each year. But everyone may not know the amount of work, stress, and effort put into making that magnificent recap possible. Teacher Jordyn Kiel leads the fight of both the yearbook and photo staff, along with teaching two English classes and Intro to Photojournalism.

“I started journalism things when I was a high school student. I was always drawn to English and writing in general. I probably saw journalism in an activity fair or heard about it through older students and just jumped in. And the rest is history” Kiel said.

From that moment, the world of telling important stories became her passion, something she knew she wanted to continue for the rest of her life, and eventually combined with her longtime dream of teaching.

“When I was a senior, I wrote a big story in one of the papers for the anniversary for a really big drunk driving accident that took the life of two students. I have really vivid memories of interviewing both sets of parents of the boys who have passed away. It totally transformed the view of what I was doing. It opened up my eyes of the impact of what we were doing,” Kiel said.