Dr. Lucas Lammers Steps in as North’s Interim Principal


Credit to Chase Pray

The new interim principal of Francis Howell North stands in his office

By Chase Pray and Tony Biondo

With Dr. Hostetler resigning as North’s head principal due to health concerns this past summer, the position of head principal opened up. Dr. Lucas Lammers, the former Director of Secondary Education for the district, was assigned the role of North’s interim principal. Lammers plans on returning to his previous job once his time as interim principal ends but he isn’t ruling out a possible full time job as principal. 

“After this year I’m sliding back into my old position where my hope is to help all our middle schools and high schools prosper,” Lammers said. “ For the last three years, I’ve been at North in and out helping out wherever I can. It’s always a possibility I stay but I liked the job I had up until the middle of July, so I’m about 80 percent certain I’m going to slide back into my old role.”

Lammers has certain set goals he hopes to accomplish a lot during his short time as principal. With student morale at an all time low these past few years due to the current pandemic, Lammers has made it one of his goals to raise school morale. Lammers and his peers have come up with a system that focuses each month on a different way of boosting the FHN communities morale.

“We have a set team that works every month with all of our staff to discuss something we can do to help out North’s community.” Lammers said. “We actually made a document just for this issue over the summer.”

When Lammers was announced as interim principal, some wondered who would become North’s full time principal when Lammers contract expired. Lammers and the rest of the district’s faculty also have no idea who might fill in that role.

“We have no idea who the next principal will be,” Lammers said. “I bet people who currently work on our staff will apply and people in the district will apply as well. We might even get people out of state applying. There will be the best of the best applying for this position so I can say for certain there’s no odds on favorites. We gotta see who applies before we even have the slightest clue.”