Jill Rudolph is a New History Teacher at FHN


By Aadhi Sathishkumar and Logan Yarnell

This year, many new faces have appeared at FHN. One of them is Jill Rudolph, a new history teacher. Rudolph has been teaching social studies for the last 10 years, and transferred to Francis Howell North from Francis Howell High.

”I really like [North] so far,” Rudolph said. “Everyone is very friendly, down to Earth, and it has a really good community.”

Rudolph tries to make her class as interactive as possible. This includes using technology, limiting lecturing and assigning projects. Rudolph only teaches US history and Pre-AP US history, classes that mainly include freshmen. 

“[Rudolph] is a nice teacher,” freshman Jacob Bass said. “She can be strict, like with phones, but I understand it.”

Throughout the summer, Rudolph has gotten to know most of the other history teachers at FHN. When she first started she met Kimberly Coil, another history teacher working at FHN.

“Mrs. Rudolph is a nice addition to our department, she is a strong social studies teacher and I feel she is filling the shoes really well,” Coil said.