Athlete of the Week | Brianna Wortman


By Addison Polsgrove, Photographer

On Sept. 9, the Knights play against the Washington Blue Jays and pulled off their first win of the season. During the game Junior Brianna Wortman had 19 kills, 19 digs, 6 blocks, and 1 ace. Wortman has been playing volleyball since the 2nd grade, 9 years. She started playing volleyball because Wortman’s sister played and Wortman saw that it was an exciting sport.

“It makes me happy. Making new friends and seeing the talent others have is just exciting. I’ve been playing for so long and I’ve learned to love the sport and want to get better to pursue it. It’s ana amazing feeling to see people support you doing the thing you love, so it makes me happy,” Wortman said.

Wortman has played 3 years of high school volleyball on varsity. Wortman plans on playing college volleyball in the future.