Alex Shaw Continues to Coach Cross Country While Eight Months Pregnant


By Chase Pray

 For as long as Coach Alex Shaw can remember, sports have been the one constant in her life. From growing up playing multiple sports such as soccer and track, to going to college to be an athletic trainer. Shaw lives by sports. She loves helping younger inspiring athletes become the athlete of their dreams.

“I really just love the bonding experience I have with the kids,” Shaw said. “They’re all awesome people who will strive in anything they do.”

 Priding herself on the relationships she builds and the bonds she creates, Shaw’s favorite part of coaching is meeting all sorts of new people. Her runners love Shaw’s coaching as much as she loves to coach them. One such runner, Sophomore Joshua Teuth finds Shaw an amazing coach.

“She’s really cool,” Teuth said. “ She pushes us to the best of our abilities while still being nice to all of us”

 While being a teacher at Hoech Middle and a coach at North might be difficult, Shaw is about to face one of the hardest challenges of her life. This challenge is a fully welcomed one though. Shaw is eight months pregnant with a baby boy. 

“My noticeable feature right now is my stomach,” Shaw said. “ It’s all anyones talked to me about when they’ve seen me recently. My due date is Nov. 11 and state is [Nov.] 5 so I’m just hoping this kid can be patient for a week, so I can get the season done.”

 As a somewhat newer coach Shaw still is learning the ropes. Shaw’s biggest goal is helping make everyone comfortable becoming experienced runners while learning how to be a bit strict when needed.

 “This is only my second year coaching  but I think I’m getting the hang of it,” Shaw said. “I still need to learn how to become stricter because in the long run some constructive criticism will make everyone stronger and better moving forward.”