Girls Varsity Softball Team is on a Roll and Makes it to Districts


By Aiden Manthey

The Francis Howell North Knights varsity girls softball team has achieved great success this season as they have started off with a winning record of 12-7. These wins and the collective team performance spark hope in the team for a possible district and state title. Sophomores Evie Kraus and Ryleigh Albers give their insight on the team.

“We have improved a lot from last season and we look really good so far,” Albers said. “We are all really motivated to do well this season and we think we can do that.”

The girls have built a strong team relationship between themself, with a few losses at the start of the season the team has bounced back stronger then before. The Knights currently sit at second in their conference and are working towards that first place spot.

“Everyone on the team has the same ambition to win, we have all worked so hard to get here.” Kraus said. “Our team chemistry is very good and we all get along very well.”

Coach Mike Freedline also has a lot of confidence in his current team and has the goal of winning districts as well as state, he believes the girls have the skill to do so.

“We all have the ability to win, the skills these girls have are good,” Freedline said. “ It’s all about getting in a winning mindset, that’s when we can have the most success.”

 With the continuing winnings for the team the girls have built up more confidence and motivation to go all the way and end the season on a good note. Now that half of the softball season has come and gone the players will be looking towards their end goal and focus on making it through districts and onto state.

“We all want to have fun and build a strong team bond.” Albers said. “We are really focused now to take our opportunities to win, do better as a team, and make this team the best around.”