The Annual Powderpuff Game Makes It’s Return This October


Credit to Taylor Hill

Seniors Grace Herbert, Gabe Kasper and juniors Parker Bruns, Amelia Churma, and Joshi Vargas pose in their PowderPuff attire. Hebert is competing, Kasper is a coach for the senior, Bruns is a crowd pleaser and Vargas and Chruma are competing.

By Morgan Chairs

After not having powderpuff last year due to COVID-19, powderpuff back in full force this year and many are excited to continue the Francis Howell North tradition.

“I’m just excited that we get to do it, I can tell that the students are really excited,” Co-sponsor of Knights of Excellence and English teacher Kristen
Johnson said. “You know, we’ve had a couple of years where we didn’t get to do all the things, but this year it seems like it’s gonna work so I’m just excited to see how pumped up the students are.”

For those at North who haven’t experienced powderpuff, it is a flag football game between the senior and junior girls that is annually sponsored by the Knights Of Excellence. The game has usually been associated with homecoming in the past, however since homecoming was in mid-September
this year, it’s been moved to October. Powderpuff isn’t just for the girls, there are opportunities for the male students of FHN to coach the girls in their grade.

“Really it’s just a fun time for the junior and senior girls,” Johnson said. “We also have coaches who get really into it and we also have boys who sign up to be crowd pleasers. So, it’s really just about spirit and having fun for the school.”

Due to the cancellation of the game last year, the current seniors missed out on playing as juniors, making this year more important than ever. But, it’s not just the seniors that have something to prove.

“[My goal is] to make the juniors win,” junior powderpuff coach Jackson Cutlan said. “Yeah, everyone says it’s impossible, it’s not I swear.”

For other students, winning would just be an added bonus. The real reward comes with the experience and excitement of it all. Especially for those
who are at the center of it all.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the atmosphere and excitement,” senior powderpuff coach Alex Roland said. “Powderpuff games are alway very crazy. Also coaching sounds really fun, I’m interested to see what it’s like.”