Freshman Edward Lee Succeeds in His First Year on the Swim Team


By Maggie Koester

Edward Lee first started his swimming career when he was just in elementary school. He worked hard to give himself a good foundation in swimming. Working hard and dedication are one of the most important parts of swimming, Lee is a freshman showing all these skills. 

“I started swimming when I was in elementary school,” Lee said. “I stopped for five years and then I started swimming again two years ago.” 

Being the new kid on a team can be very intimidating. Lee went into the season not having as many relationships with the other swimmers as the older swimmers had. Even though it was challenging Lee made new friends on the team.

“I got to make lots of friends on the team,” Lee said. “They are all super nice and made me feel welcomed.”

Lee works hard during the swim season because he wants to make himself proud. He works late at night during practices and rarely has a day off. But it is all worth it when he feels that sense of accomplishment. 

“I feel accomplished when I get first place at a meet, when my team wins a meet, or when I break my own record,” Lee said.

Lee is not only a great swimmer but he is a good team player. He gets along well with his teammates and wants to make everyone proud. Om Nair, a sophomore, has worked with Lee this season. 

“Edward always supports the team,” Nair said. “He is a really good swimmer and makes everyone want to do better.”