Pizza With Pineapple

By Morgan Chairs

There is no doubt that pineapple on pizza is an amazing choice. With this topping you don’t have to pick whether you want savory or sweet you can simply have both. Pineapple pizza takes your taste buds on a flavorful adventure. 

Let’s face it, we sometimes feel guilty for enjoying a nice slice or two of pizza but having pineapple on your pizza will allow you to enjoy it without feeling guilty. Pineapple has a lot of health benefits. It’s filled with nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, potassium and fibre that help your body fight inflammation, boost immunity and even aid digestion. So this fruit will elevate your pizza from quote on quote “junk food” to a less fattening food. Also, to those who say fruit doesn’t belong on pizza most pizzas consist of tomato sauce and tomatoes are in fact a fruit.

While yes pineapple is sweet and pizza tends to be savory it’s not unheard of to have sweet and savory pairings and I don’t see how this can’t be one of them. I mean Barbeque sauce is sweet and savory, you don’t see people complaining about that. Also pizza is going to get soggy regardless of pineapple juice. Whether it’s grease, or a dipping sauce or even condensation from the pizza box. Pizza will get soggy. Regardless if you like pineapple on pizza or not at least we can all agree that anchovies on pizza is futile.

“I love the contrast of sweet and salty that pineapple pizza has,” junior Marina Williams said.