The Winter-Guard Season Starts Up Again


Credit to Photo Submitted

The Winter-Guard team practices their performance after school

By Ray Hathcock

As the seasons change, and the temperature gets cooler, fall sports end and winter sports begin. Color-Guard extends through both seasons, but it goes through a name change. During the winter season it is known as Winter-Guard.

“Color guard is basically choreography with flags, rifles and sabers to a piece of music,” Color-Guard captain McKenna O’Connor said. “[Winter-Guard and Fall-Guard] is the same thing, but instead of the band playing music, you pick a song or a piece of music. You do the same things, you create choreography to the music, but it’s just inside and without the band.”

MiKayla Brewer is a sophomore at FHN. Last year she was in winter guard and is planning on joining again because it helps her clear her mind and she enjoys the team. 

“People in Winter Guard are very friendly and warm, and it’s kind of like a whole family,” Brewer said. “Like a school family away from home. And it’s very fun and it has its challenges, but it’s great to overcome those challenges.” 

Another difference in Color and Winter-Guards is the schedule changes. There are camps and different days of practices. Camp is used for basic technique and extra practice. 

“You should totally join, it doesn’t matter who you are, we accept everyone,”  Color-Guard captain Lauren Willerton said. “We want everyone to be welcome to be a part of our team.”