Senior Borjan Georgievski Fulfills Dream as a Foreign Exchange Student


Credit to Lauren Freeman

Macedonian foreign exchange student Borjan Georgievski works on his coding skills in Ms Eatons class. He is a senior here at North and is excited for his year long stay in America.

By Evan Becker

For as long as he can remember, senior Borjan Georgievski, a foreign exchange student from North Macedonia, has wanted to travel the world. Since he was a kid, he has had the dream of visiting the United States. When offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream, it was too good to pass up. 

“My teacher said, ‘there’s a chance, there’s an exchange opportunity to go to study in a U.S. high school’ and I didn’t think twice,” Georgievski said.  “I was like, I’m gonna take this opportunity right away. I wasn’t scared. I never doubted myself one moment. I knew I was gonna get that scholarship from day one, I just believed.”

The opportunity to learn was promising for Georgievski, but beyond education he wanted the personal challenge that breaking out of his comfort zone presents. 

“I believe that the only way you can grow as a person is to go and do uncomfortable things and try out new things and take on new challenges, only that way can you actually evolve as a character,” Georgievski said. 

Being in a new place can be intimidating for anyone, especially in a new country. Annalee Menz has been hosting foreign exchange students for the past few years, and has supervised  students’ adjustments to the United States. Georgievski has stood out among them. 

“He’s very open to new experiences and meeting new people,” Menz said. “I would say his English is phenomenal. You know, like some of our other students needed a little adjustment period, especially the slang that teenagers may talk about or even, you know, older adults like myself.”

Georgievski has taken that feeling of uncomfortability and adjustment and molded it into an environment he enjoys. With the help of other students, his transition to Francis Howell North has been incredibly smooth. 

“I‘m really happy and just like how everyone’s friendly, and just willing to accept me and try and get to know me, to ask questions about me, my country, where I’m from,” Georgievski said.  “I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone being so welcoming here.”