Senior Hannah Ermeling Comes Back From Big Softball Injury


Credit to Kyle Button

Hannah Ermeling jumps to shoot a layup. She was the second-highest scorer last year, and will likely lead the team in points this year since Isabelle Delarue, the team’s lead scorer last year, graduated.

By Kyle Button, Video Editor in Chief

She steps into the batter’s box, and prepares to swing.  

She swings and hits a liner to right field. 

She turns to run to first base, but doesn’t make it out of the batter’s box. 

Senior Hannah Ermeling was having quite a successful season before this, batting .333 with two home runs. On Oct. 1, after putting the ball in play, she turned to run to first base and suddenly something popped around her knee. Ermeling soon realized this was her last high school softball game. Her season came to an end sooner than she would have hoped.

“I knew as soon as it happened it was not going to be good,” Ermeling said. 

This injury wasn’t just cutting her softball season short, it also posed the chance of her missing part or all of her basketball season. Softball was her favorite sport for most of her life, and she’s played since she was 6 years old. Once she got to high school, however, she realized that basketball was her passion. To miss her final high school season would be devastating, not only for her but for her team as well, as Ermeling is a captain. 

“Her ability to score and her three point shot are essential to this team,” Head Girls Basketball Coach Danielle Rampley said. 

Rampley was told of Ermeling’s injury nearly right after it occured. It was a time of worry for everyone. Ermeling found out she partially tore her MCL, a major injury in the knee. The average time of healing for an MCL is around eight weeks, making her estimated return date Nov. 26, which would cut four weeks into the basketball season. This meant Ermeling would miss crucial preseason practice with the team. While news like that would devastate most, Ermeling got right to work. 

“I’ve started working on strength and agility skills,” she said. “My physical therapist says I’m recovering quickly.”

Her attitude from the start fit her M.O. As a three year varsity player, this commitment is something that defines her success. After just over a month, Ermeling has gained full mobility. 

“She’s been very resilient and optimistic,” senior teammate Faith Todd said. “I believe she’s going to come back better than ever.”

Coming back better than ever is certainly something Ermeling has planned on. Since she’s just 419 points shy of 1000 for her high school career, Ermeling has set a goal to reach that.

“I did the math,” Ermeling said. “If I average 16 points per game, I should be able to hit 1000.” 

This optimistic mindset is something that coaches desire in their captains, and Ermeling has certainly fulfilled that role. Teammates and coaches alike admire her grit and her determination, and didn’t doubt for a second that she’d make it past this obstacle.

“I knew if anyone could come back from an injury,” Rampley said, “it’d be Hannah.”

It’s been a long process for Ermeling, but she’s almost there. Now, just hours away from the team’s season debut against their rival, Francis Howell Central, Ermeling is more ready than ever to get out there and dominate.  

“I love the noise in the gym during games,” Ermeling said. “That’s my high. It’s my escape. I can’t wait for it.”