By Morgan Chairs

Out of the twelve princesses, Moana is most definitely the best one. Moana and Jasmine do have a lot of the same qualities and aspirations, but what makes Moana better is that unlike Jasmine faces her problems head on while Jasmine initially runs away from her problems. Moana was ready to do anything to save her people from the monster rotting their land and ultimately put the needs of her people before her’s.

While yes Jasmine definitely shows that she doesn’t need a man to solve her problems she does end up with one at the end of the movie anyways. Moana however doesn’t have a love interest at all. In fact this movie beautifly replaces the typical romantic love trope of other Disney princess movies with the love for one’s family, culture and most importantly oneself. This is significant because it shows the kids and people in general that you don’t need romantic love to have a happy ending.

Yes we can all agree that Heihei Moana’s rooster wasn’t the smartest animal but he wasn’t the true sidekick of the movie. The true sidekick of the movie Moana is the water and who can beat water right? I mean what’s cooler than being able to talk to the ocean and have it be able to help you on your journey. I think controlling the water beats having a pet tiger any day. Not to mention that Moana’s name means ocean in many Polynesian languages so it just fits.