Margaret Connolly Works the All-Knighter Snack Table Again This Year


Credit to Photo Submitted

Senior Cat Connolly talks to the person who was working the snack table on Dec. 6.

By McKenna Hudson

Margaret Connolly, mother to senior Cat Connolly helps work the snack table to raise money for the annual senior All Knighter. On her days off from nursing, Margaret along with her son, alumni Alex Connolly volunteer to help with the snack table which has been a tradition for Margaret. 

“My oldest [son Christopher] graduated in 2018 and I got really involved that year,” Margaret said. “And then [Alex] graduated in 2019. So the snack table didn’t even happen last year  because of COVID. So, you know, in June, I started trying to get a group of people together to plan the All Knighter and the snack table is a big part of it. I mean, it’s a steady income for the All Knighter and the reason I picked it is because I like being around the kids.”

Talking with the students and being around her daughters peers are just some of the things Margaret enjoys about running the snack table. Her daughter Cat Connolly describes what it’s like having her mom at school. 

“My mom thinks it’s fun. I don’t necessarily agree, but she likes it. She likes talking to all the kids,” Cat said.

The All Knighter, put on every year by the school and parent volunteers for the graduating seniors requires around $100,000 to cover gifts, food and games. The revenue made from the snack table along with other fundraisers is donated to help support the All-Knighter. Any leftover money made goes to the All-Knighter for the upcoming senior class. 

Once Cat graduates, Margaret still hopes to be able to volunteer at the snack table. 

“I actually love it. Because you know what, it’s important to me that every kid knows that they’re important. Because sometimes they don’t always feel that at home. And so I try to say good morning, I try to greet everybody that comes up here,” Margaret said.