The Leibles Invite Santa to Visit their House This Year


Credit to Photo Submitted

A baby sits on Santa’s lap during the Leible’s 2020 Santa Night. Children are allowed to sit on Santa’s lap to give him their Christmas lists.

By Chase Pray

On December 17th the Leibles will be hosting their 5th annual Santa night at their home. Their garage will be turned into Santa’s own personal home from 7-9 with anyone being able to come for free. Kids, pets, or adults if they wish are able to take a photo with Santa. Kids can sit on his lap and tell him about what they want for Christmas and family’s can chose to have their photos posted to the Leibles Facebook page or they can decline if privacy is an issue.  COVID-19 might be an issue for certain people feeling comfortable having their children sit on Santa’s lap, the Leibles have made the entire event is as sanitary as physically possible.  Santa and the Leibles have adapted the event to make it as comfortable for everyone as they could despite the bad circumstances the world gave them.

“Santa night has grown significantly since we began,” Bob said. “We went from a few cars showing up to a entire line of cars of people just wanting to meet Santa. Santa has been such an open minded individual in these weird times. He does whatever our visitors are comfortable with so people can just drop their lists off to Santa, sit on his lap, or even just say hi to him and he’s made it work.”