By Chloe Ellison

A classic movie released in 2003, Elf is an all time favorite during the winter season. This Christmas movie pulled out all the stops with an amazing cast, director, plot and special effects. Having a movie directed by Jon Favreau with Will Ferrell in it already sets it up to be a great movie no matter what.

Elf has a really great depiction of the North Pole and the elves there. The more two-dimensional sets of the North Pole help Buddy stand out more and really exaggerate his human qualities compared to the elves. The set also gives us some amazing landscapes such as the candy-cane forest and the toy workshop. Elf also gave us an iconic line given by our favorite animated narwhal: “Bye, Buddy. Hope you find your dad”.

Buddy the elf gives us an extraordinary amount of Christmas spirit, making this the best Christmas movie ever. Buddy is always happy no matter what situation he finds himself in; mean dad, broken sled, drab news room, Buddy will be happy anyway. This happiness translates to the audience and gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. He gets to decorate the store with his beautiful Christmas decorations making it a perfect winter wonderland. We also get to see Buddy’s idea of the best food groups and how excited eating those foods makes him. Buddy is always smiling in the movie to make sure everyone knows that Christmas is his favorite time of the year.

“Elf is the best Christmas movie because it stars Will Ferell and he makes the entire movie funny.” said junior Cameron Chapple.