Home Alone

By Morgan Chairs

Home Alone is a classic christmas movie if not the best christmas movie. Home Alone is just an overall family friendly feel good movie. From the plot to the music to the hijinks it is just a great movie for everyone of all ages. Especially kids, I mean the whole premise of the movie is about Kevin being home alone and creating his own Christmas and that’s like almost every kid’s dream.

On top of that in Home Alone we see Kevin get to be a hero in fighting the hilarious villains of the movie. The best parts are seeing him use household resources and fighting against two burglars and save his house and neighborhood.

Overall this movie is very heartwarming. We see the “mean” neighbor who is just misunderstood because he really just wants to see his family. We also get to see a mom do everything in her power to get home to see her child. Not to mention we get to meet other characters and their take on the holiday spirit. Overall this movie just embodies the Christmas spirit and shows that there is not one way to celebrate Christmas and that the most important thing is family.

“I like home alone because it’s a classic funny Christmas movie,” said junior Laila Clubbs. “It’s something you can talk to just about anyone about, because It’s just this thing that every person you meet has this same love for.”