Freshman Sagar Singh takes Higher Level AP Classes and Extracurriculars


Credit to Payton Johnston

In English and Journalism teacher Jordyn Kiel’s second hour Pre-AP English 1 class, freshman Sagar Singh writes an essay over Of Mice And Men.

By Patricia Fechter

13 year old Freshman Sagar Singh is an ambitious student with a packed schedule. He is taking many classes that include AP Psychology – BYU Independent Study, Pre-AP English Honors, and Pre-AP Chemistry Honors and more.

“I think what sets him apart from other students is his work ethic,” Jordyn Kiel said. “He is a very quick learner and takes his education very seriously.”

Singh finds many ways to motivate himself to keep taking school as seriously as he does. He finds motivation by finding something he likes in every subject, his family and friends and by being in clubs here at North. The clubs he is involved in are speech and debate, science club, future health professionals (HOSA), scholar bowl, tennis, robotics, mock trial, and a homeroom rep for STUCO.

“I really love the classes I am in and just school in general,” Singh said.

Singh plans to go into the medical field or any jobs that are STEM related because that is what he really enjoys doing. 

“I’d definitely want to go into medicine to become a Doctor, as I’ve always been interested in STEM and having sort of the balance between connecting with people and science,” Singh said.

Waking up at 4:30 A.M, staying on top of course work, and good time management skills are some things he is doing to accomplish his goals and keep on track. He really enjoys the challenge of being in honors or AP classes. 

“I would describe Sagar as being ambitious, a very quick learner, and he really just asks the right questions to get to the correct answer,” Kiel said.