Camille Krekeler Plays for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team as a Freshman


Credit to Kyle Button

An FHN player shoots the ball towards the net on Dec. 8 against Howell high

By Ellenna Forbes

The first time Camille Krekeler stepped foot onto a basketball court was when she was 10 years old. She has played for many teams including the Junior Knights, Rage Club Team, and 3D Vision Basketball. Now a Freshman, Krekeler is on Varsity Girls Basketball.

“Ever since I’ve started playing I’ve just loved the game,” Krekeler said. “I also set goals for myself to strive for which helps me whenever I feel unmotivated.”

To get where she is today, Krekeler worked hard over the summer to prepare for the season. Krekeler attended the open gyms and summer camps that basketball held. Even though it was optional, Krekeler strived to improve. 

“I think basketball has helped me come out of my shell more and helped me with using my voice on the court,” Krekeler said. “Also, my endurance has improved.”

Sophomore Kendra Swope is one of Krekeler’s teammates on Varsity. She started playing basketball when she was 6 years old and has played ever since. Swope and Krekeler played on the same club team called Rage. 

“She’s very nice and a good player,” Swope said.

Danielle Rampley is the girls basketball coach for FHN. She has been coaching for 13 years since college. Rampley views Krekeler as a great kid and as someone who never takes time off.  

“Over the summer she was always here putting in extra work over the summer,” Rampley said. “Her work ethic is one of her best characteristics.”

Krekeler looks up to former FHN student Isabelle Delarue who now plays at D-1 college, Missouri State University. She also looks up to Paige Bueckers who plays at UCONN and is known for being a good team player as well as her passing. As for herself, Krekeler would like to continue playing basketball throughout college but hasn’t decided yet on what college she’d like to go to.

“I want to be remembered as a positive and hardworking team player,” Krekeler said.

Some goals Krekeler has for the season are to get to know and support her teammates and to improve herself as an individual player as well as a team player. But playing a sport also comes with a lot of challenges as well as obstacles.

“It’s more of a mental challenge,” Krekeler said. “Basketball is obviously physical but as an athlete your body understands how to go through the motions so you need the mental stability to have the motivation to work hard.”

Along with basketball, Krekeler also juggles with her school work. Having school and then practice everyday is hard to manage but Krekeler still finds the time to continue striving towards her goals.

“I would say time management is key because you have school and practice everyday so you don’t get much time to yourself,” Krekeler said. “So make sure to get your homework done and strive towards your goals.”