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It all started with a trip to Illinois. Amber-Chelsa Kibera and her family were going on a trip to see some relatives. What she didn’t know was that she was going to get a pet that would change her life forever.

 “His name is Brody, he’s five years old,” Kibera said. “He’s a German shepherd and is so cute, he has these big ears that are just adorable.”

 Kibera is a 16-year-old who lives in Missouri. Her and her dog Brody are the best of friends. Kibera loves Brody and has had him for about five years. Brody has become a big part of the Kibera family.

 “Me and Brody are very close,” Kibera said. “I wake up and I pet him and let him out for about 15-20 minutes. Then I let him back in and feed him while I get ready for school then I put him in his cage.”

 Kibera never thought that she would be able to get a pet due to both of her parents saying no — that having a pet was too much of a responsibility and would take time away from other important things, like school.

 “My brothers and I always wanted a pet when we were younger,” Kibera said.  “Tyger, my youngest brother especially. We would always beg our parents to let us get one but it would always be the same answer. And after a while we stopped asking because we knew that it would be the same answer.”

 Over the years though, Kibera’s parents saw that she and her brothers were maturing. Their begging for a pet worked on their parents. Kibera and her brothers didn’t realize that though. They thought it would just be another one of their annual visits to Illinois and not to be getting a dog. 

 “When we first brought Brody home, he wouldn’t follow anyone around other than my Dad,” Kibera said. “He just seemed the most comfortable with him and wouldn’t listen to anyone else except my dad. It took him a while to trust the rest of us. Him and my dad are just really close like that and I think it’s sweet because initially he didn’t want a pet but now they have the best relationship you could imagine. He even lets him sleep in the same bed sometimes.”

 Keeping up with pets can be a lot of work. Kibera and her brothers have learned that owning a pet does take a lot of responsibility like taking care of it and making sure it stays in good health. 

 “Keeping up with his shots is definitely a big one,” Kibera said. “Also making sure he’s healthy and making sure he gets walked and proper exercise. Vet bills can also get pretty expensive at times too but we always make sure he gets to them and gets the treatment and check-ups he needs regularly.”

Obviously, over time pets become like family to their owners. Kibera recalls all the good times and memories she’s spent with Brody and looks back on them with happiness. 

 “We all love Brody so much,” Kibera said. “He’s just a really good dog and I can’t imagine him being with any other family or owners, I just can’t.” • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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