Last August, Violet Newton, a freshman at FHN, got four ducks. Ever since getting the ducks, they have become like family to the Newton’s.

“The whole family loves the ducks so much,” Violet said.

When the Newton’s first got the ducks, they were only supposed to keep them for six weeks. For the six weeks, Violet was the one who was going to take care of them. During the period, the family fell in love with the ducks and wanted to keep them for good. Now, all the family members take care of the ducks, but mostly Violet and her dad, Chris Newton.

“They were supposed to be my pets, but now my dad takes care of them also,” Violet said. 

When the Newton’s got the ducks, Violet decided to name them all girl names because she couldn’t tell which ones were male and which ones were female. At first, she got four pekin ducks she named Jade, Athena, Hazel and Shadow. Then, this summer, she got a silver apple yard duck that she named Sunny.  

“We got the pekin ducks from a farm store in Troy and we ordered Sunny from California,’’ Chris said.

Ducks are prey animals so they have to be watched and protected at all times. To protect the ducks, Chris decided to build a duck coop. The coop was made out of an old soccer goal the family had in their backyard. 

“Since ducks can’t protect themselves you have to have something to protect them from predators,” Chris said.

In the beginning, taking care of the ducks was hard. Having to watch the ducks every time they went outside, changing the kiddy pool water and cleaning their coop was difficult for Violet. After she got used to it she really enjoyed having the ducks, even with the hard work involved in taking care of them.

“I think the ducks play a huge role in Violet’s responsibility,” Violet’s friend, Olivia Van Horn said.

For Violet, the hard work involved with taking care of the ducks is all worth it because of their personalities. Sunny always seems to do a little dance when he walks around, wiggling his head back and forth while Hazel goes around trying to fly and snap at Violet which the family finds hilarious. Even when Van Horn goes over to the Newton’s house, Jade, the family’s disabled duck will sit in a bin and stare at everyone.

“The ducks have their little personality traits,” Violet said.

Having the ducks has brought the family closer together and has made them stronger. According to the Newtons, even with all the hard work and time involved with having a duck, they are great pets.

“Ducks, for the right person, are amazing pets,” Chris said. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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