Humans Of FHN | Josiah Couch

By Pavan Kolluru, Photographer

Everyone has taken a math class, whether you like the subject or not. Some struggle and others excel. Senior Josiah Couch is a great example of the latter, currently taking math classes at St. Charles Community College. Having skipped 6th grade math, Couch has been a year ahead during his four years in high school and wanted to take advantage of his senior year by taking college classes. 

This past semester, Couch took Calculus 3 and plans to take Differential Equations next semester. With a planned double major of mathematics and statistics at Mizzou next year, he will most likely be taking more math classes throughout college. 

“I plan to be an Actuary,” Couch said, “and they use a lot of math in the field so I’m sure the skills and knowledge I’ve gained early will be beneficial to me in the long run.”