The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

By Chloe Ellison

Premiering in late March, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was the best marvel show that premiered on Disney+. This show gave us two iconic characters with amazing character development in Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. 

TFATWS explores the past and future of Bucky and Sam while delivering a fantastic plot. It explores the trouble of Sam Wilson’s journey into becoming Captain America and all the difficulties that came with it. The character growth in this show alone far surpassed any other MCU project. All of the characters, even the minor ones, are all well rounded and have a good sense of who they are. Compared to other Marvel projects TFATWS is way better in the sense of character development. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier really stuck to it’s ideas and storylines better than most of the other shows. Not only did it stick to its central ideas, it also explored major problems in the world better than any other Marvel project to date. We can see this in Sam’s struggle into becoming Captain America and how racial injustices in the world gave him difficulties. The show did not abandon this issue after one episode either, it continued throughout the whole show which makes it more real. 

The makers of this show did not skimp out on the action scenes either. The fight scenes throughout the show where some of the best released in a Disney+ Marvel show. Not only did the action of this show enhance the interest in watching, it also made the whole show seem more like a part of the MCU.

“It had so much character development for Sam and Bucky, and it had a good way for Sam to take up the Captain America role.” sophomore Rhea Patel said.