Isabelle and Mason Apple Both Place at the Jan. 7 and 8 GAC Wrestling Meet


Credit to Andrew Poertner

Freshman Isabelle Apple raises her arm after winning a match on Feb. 1.

By Chase Pray

On Jan. 7 and 8, Varsity wrestling GAC’s were held. Senior Mason Apple who began his wrestling career freshman year winning a GAC championship ends his high school wrestling winning another. As a member of the 132 pound weight class, Mason competed against 16 other athletes in a four match tournament style competition. Mason would win all four matches making him the 2022 GAC champion for the boys 132 pound weight class.

“The GAC is our local conference around the local St. Louis area that covers all three howells, the Fort Zumwalt schools and a couple other ones,” Mason said

With Mason’s high school wrestling career coming to an end soon, he hopes his sister will continue to help boost the family name. Freshman Isabelle Apple is currently competing in her first wrestling season. Like Mason she would compete in four matches where she would win three and lose one which would earn her a third place finish.

“It’s a really cool feeling to do well,” Isabelle said.” It’s my first high school season so you know there’s always room for improvement in future years.”

Most athletes don’t get to compete alongside their siblings so those who do get to experience a truly special feeling. As a senior, Mason uses his experience to help coach Isabelle when she needs any help. Since the boys and girls often compete at the same time the siblings don’t often get to watch each other perform. 

“We don’t usually get to watch each other since you’re focusing on how you’re doing and how to prepare for your match,” Mason said. “The GAC was different though since they split up the days so the girls competed on the 7th and the boys competed on the 8th. She says she’s been liking it though so hey maybe we can create a family dynasty out of this.”