By Chloe Ellison

Having money makes one satisfied, and can make someone happy. While it may be a fault in our country, you have to have at least a decent amount of money to live and be able to do what you want. Studies show that the majority of people that make at least $75,000 are happier than those who make less. 

Money can buy materialistic things, and while that doesn’t make everyone happy, it certainly makes the majority of people happy. Having possessions that allow you to live to the fullest extent possible is inherently better than not having anything to help one live. Money can buy these things and consequently lead one to live a happier life. While having enough money to buy necessities is equated to happiness, you can live a happy life without going above and beyond by buying extravagant things.

Money does not only buy happiness in the extent of materialistic things, it can also buy happiness in the realm of life experiences. By having enough money you can go on trips and spend time with people you love. Now you can still do this without money, but having enough money to spend freely can increase your happiness and the people you care about happiness. Having money can also help others, if one donates said money then you can make other people have a better life as well.

“Money can buy some types of happiness, it can’t buy love from people but it can buy other things like memories and things that make you happy,” junior Katie Miller said.