Sophomore Hailey Zhang Makes Her Own Clothes


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

Sophomore Hailey Zhang stands next to a project she created.

By Ray Hathcock

The influence of pop culture and T.V. shows inspired one girl’s creativity to construct her own apparel. Sophomore Hailey Zhang found herself interested in tailoring clothing and made a hobby out of it.

“I think I’ve always been really interested in fashion,” Zhang said. “I grew up watching ‘Fashion Runway.’ I think that was definitely a push for me. I would always make clothes for my Barbies, fashion can really be anything. I like to think of it as a way of self expression and an artistic way to put on the things you wear everyday.”

Marissa Heyer is a Family and Consumer Science teacher at FHN. She taught Zhang in her Fashion Construction class last year and is proud of what she’s done.

“She did projects that were complex, but she did it with grace,” Heyer said. “Last semester, I had [Zhang] in class and she was very motivated. And [The projects] always turned out exceptional. She is an amazing student who’s very hardworking and creative.”

Zhang has enjoyed fashion, playing with dolls and dressing them in their tiny outfits. Now, she makes her own products, such as dresses and pants.

“I am starting to create my own clothing and trying to experiment with things,” Zhang said. “I love just how much you can do with fabric, and how creative people can get with the things that they wear.”