Mock Trial Competes At Regionals [Photo Gallery]

By Sophie Stachula and Ankita Pandurangi

At the St. Louis County Courts on March 8 and March 10, the FHN Mock Trial competed in two trials at regionals that determined whether the team would go to State. They served as the defense in the first trial, and the plaintiff in the second. The team won both trials, receiving the highest scores of all the regionals teams and coming in first place out of 16 other schools. “In the last three years that I’ve done this we’ve always made it to state,” Senior Evan Becker said. “The amount of time and prep that I’ve seen our teammates put in this year has really paid off.” The team goes to state this year for the 10th consecutive time. (Photos by: Sophia Stachula and Ankita Pandurangi)