By Morgan Chairs

Samsung phones are superior to Apple phones. The variety, the accessibility, the interface all these are done better and most are done first by Samsung. So if one want had to pick  Samsung is the way to go

Apple phones don’t compare to Samsung phones. While Apple phones do have features like facial recognition, so does Samsung along with many other features. One of the most notable features of Samsung phones is how customizable they are. Not to mention the range in styles like the Samsung Note phones they come with their own personal stylus. I don’t see Apple doing that. Apple’s new phone may be faster than Samsung’s new phone but it won’t be in the long run. Apple has admitted to purposely slowing down and decreasing battery life on older phones while Samsung doesn’t intentionally do it. 

The capabilities in the user interface of Samsung phones puts it in the lead for one of the best friends. While Apple does have cool features and interfaces, Samsung does it better. Take Google assistant for example, it’s much more impressive than apples Siri. Google Assistant can understand more common requests than Siri can and gets most requests right. This mainly has to do with the fact that Google assistant draws from Google search as a database while Siri doesn’t have access to it. Not only that Samsung phones has had it the ability to use split screen and it’s much more user-friendly than Apple’s attempts to do it in the newest phones.