FHN track team has high hopes for the 2022 season


Credit to Photo Submitted

The FHN track and field team stretches and does drills. The track team is split up into several team. These teams are: long distance, sprints, jumps, pole vault and throwers. All teams except the long distance team have to practice at Francis Howell Centrall due to the lack of a track at FHN.

With a new unique season unlike any before it beginning, the FHN track team has a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. While most of the team practices at FHC, the long distance runners are continuing their old practice methods by running in the neighborhoods near North. 

“It’s really fun so far and we all really enjoy each other’s company,” freshman distance runner Madeline Dustin said.  “I’m really just trying to get a sub 5-6 minute mile time by the end of the season”

 With the rest of the team at Central, it can be a difficult task at times to remain focused while training alongside the competition. However with the coaching by the likes of Kim Martin and Coach K the team has found their footing and are in the process of training their hardest for upcoming meets.

“It can be tense at times since we are on Central’s field and since we are still competing it’s not like we are working together,” sophomore short sprinter Sara Ausbury said. “We have a great team environment though and I like all the coaches we have this year.”

 With so many different aspects and things you can do while being on the track team, it’s no surprise that some new faces would be joining the team this year. Sophomore Brandon Lin is a new addition to the sprinting team who has high hopes for the rest of the season.

“I see the rest of the season only going uphill from here,” Lin said. “Our team is full of potential and I think we’ll send a lot of people to state this year. Our team energy and composition is just better than the rest of of our competition.”