English Classes Best Prepare Students for the Future [Opinion]


Credit to Pavan Kolluru

In her classroom, English teacher Amy Stoker reads a textbook she uses in her AP English Literature and Composition class.

All students have to take classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies throughout their high school experience. These core classes have a variety of skills taught in them but the core class that teaches the most important skills for college and the future is English. 

In English classes they teach the best ways to speak, write and read. No matter what field or major is chosen, all of these skills will help students more than skills learned in other classes. Of all of the majors taken in college, writing essays and reading texts is certainly a task that will be given out in all of them. 

Math and Science classes can teach students problem solving skills and how to reason with numbers and data. These skills are certainly important but they don’t translate well into all fields like the skills taught in English do.

Along with being the core class to provide students with the most skills, it’s also the only core class that students have to take the equivalent of four years worth of classes in high school. By taking one core class for this long it helps the skills needed for the future develop. After the three years needed by other core classes, not all of the material taught would completely sink in and help through college. In the English core class, all of the skills and material taught truly prepare students for a life after high school.