FHN Cheer Tryouts Took Place on March 31 and April 2


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The FHN Varsity cheerleaders for the 2022-23 school year sit together for group bonding

Cheer tryouts took place this year on Thursday, March 31 from 5:30-8:30 P.M. and on April 2 with different tryout time frames for different students. Juniors Bailey Scarbrough and Sarah Moutray led tryouts this year, doing many different things such as getting to know each other, reviewing the cheers and evaluating different aspects of cheer.

Coaches Tracy Wuertenberg and Jen Scarbrough had one on one tryouts on April 2. Everyone trying out received cheer and chant material over spring break via a video. They were to learn these cheers and skills at home so tryouts could progress quicker. There was an optional practice day before students went to tryout in front of the coaches.

“We spent a day reviewing the cheers and then assessing jumps, tumbling, and stunts. We then had an optional practice day and then a signed up time to go show the coaches the cheers one on one,” Scarbrough said.

The teams had a good 2021-2022 season; they performed at their first pep assembly in two years. The Varsity captains Bailey Scarbrough, Shayla Dawes, and Alise Simon and the JV captains Keyanna Godfrey, Tia Liddle, and Holly Samuels led their teams through a great season where they grew closer in their respective teams. The cheerleaders are looking forward to the next season where they will be able to get new skills in stunts and tumbling.

“We are looking forward to getting new skills, cheering on our football and basketball teams and competing,” Scarbrough said.