Junior Laila Clubs Makes Her Own Themed Jewelry


Some of Clubs jewelry includes a nose ring, wired elf ear cuffs and wired hoop earrings

Junior Laila Clubs has produced jewelry for many different holidays. While she is only a junior at FHN, she has designed and created things for much of her life.

“We had a bunch of old builder-making stuff,” Clubs said. “And I’ve always loved creating. I also design clothes and sew. So, I’ve always liked creating and I figured out that I’m really good with wire and I’ve also had a knack for colors. I’m really good with color schemes. I don’t know it just makes me happy.”

Clubs likes to create jewelry based off different holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. During this time, she makes a few pieces ranging from a green amulet nose ring, to green amulet hoop earrings and an Irish flag themed elf ear cuffs.  

“I have made some according to holidays,” Clubs said. “I don’t follow trends, because I started to make jewelry for myself on a whim. I could actually make anything. And then, I just kind of picked up tools and figured out stuff. I use Pinterest as inspiration and I follow patterns. And I kind of make these earthy, kind of obviously hippy, styles. I also do special orders for people.”

Clubs has created an Instagram account and a website to sell these items on, but doesn’t have enough money for the domain. It will sell rings, necklaces, charms, bracelets, earrings. One of the rings sold in person was bought by Jenna Brouk, another junior at FHN.

“It was a really high quality product for a very not expensive price,” Brouk said. “The products are made out of wires and gems, and she makes it in a way that each product is unique. I’ve known Layla forever. It makes me happy to see her finding her own thing that makes her happy.”