New Board Game Club Starts Up at FHN


(Photo from Shutterstock)

The board game club is a new club here at FHN that meets every every week. They play several games each week such as Uno, Uno Flip, Catan, Unstable Unicorns, and more. This is an open club, meaning that anyone can join whenever they would like to. The board game club is sponsored by Spanish teacher Sharon Parkinson in her room after school on Tuesdays until four pm.

“We are welcoming anyone else that might want to join, [and we] would like it to be big enough that we can have two or three games going at a time instead of everybody playing only one game,” Parkinson said.

The board game club started with two people wanting to play games with friends, Thomas Jones and his friend who has now moved away.

“I was originally going to do Dungeons and Dragons,” Jones said. “Me and another guy really liked Dungeons and Dragons, so we were going to do that and then we decided we didn’t have enough time because we can only meet until four. So I just turned it into what it is. That was like the start of the year and this didn’t happen until second quarter,”

They were asking around for sponsors to start a club, and while asking around, they happened to get a message from Parkinson. 

“Actually, she reached out to us. [Parkinson] was not the first thought, but everyone else said no,” Jones said. 

The games are picked via a vote from the members at each meeting and depending on the people, the games change each week.

“[Our purpose is to] relieve stress, and allow people to have fun after school during the not fun school day,” Jones said. “It’s also really good during finals and EOC time, because then they have to take huge tests and then they come and play board games.”

The games played in the board game club are donated or brought in by regular and returning members of the club.