May the 4th Be With You

I don’t remember when it started. All I know is I grew up watching movies when my dad took me to the theater and watching all of the old episodes at home on television. There were always jokes and stories that I heard from my dad growing up and how Star Wars was a huge part of his life. I remember when the first movie had come out for the first time in years and my dad was so excited to see it. He told the whole family to go see it with all of the other Star Wars fanatics. I myself had grown up watching iCarly and Victorious and the occasional Full House episode when I was up past eight pm on a school night, which was rare. So, when my dad started raging about all these Star Wars movies that he really loved and could recite lines from random movies off the top of his head, I became curious. So, I gave Star Wars a chance. I went to the movies and as usual my dad and I got a big bucket of popcorn, piled on the butter and salt. Then, we went inside the theater to watch what was made to seem like one of the best movies I would ever see in my entire life. I watched it and I liked it but I didn’t understand what all the rage was about. After all, it was just a movie. But then I realized some people see Star Wars like I see my favorite band or my favorite television show. But never the less everyone has their own thing that makes them happy and puts them in a good mood. And for a lot of people that is Star Wars. That shaped the majority of my childhood as I now have a lot of memories with my dad and some of the best have to deal with my dad and I watching Star Wars together.