Boys Tennis Practices at Vetta West Due to Construction on the School


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

Freshman Luke Dickherber hits the tennis ball across the net at practice. FHN Tennis currently practices at Vetta West due to construction of the new FHN Building.

This year, the tennis courts are under construction, so FHN’s Tennis team is hosting their practices at Vetta West.

“It’s nice practicing with no wind, that’s for sure,” sophomore JV player Grant Kilen said. “And you don’t have to worry about it going out defense and having to go get the ball, because it just bounces back in. We don’t have to worry about balls going over the fence anymore.”

Josiah Couch is a senior playing on the Varsity Tennis team. He’s been on the team for all 4 years, and has been playing tennis for 7 years. Though, prior to this year, he’d also gone to Vetta West himself.

“Well, I’ve been [to Vetta West for] a lot for practices and different types of things,’’ Couch said. “So, I knew what to expect. Practices are smaller than I thought, because we have to buy courts every day. So, we only have a few courts to use so we have to kind of use the courts more efficiently.” (