Chior Plans To Head To New York And Preform At Carnegie Hall


Credit to Morgan Chairs

This year the FHN Choir will be going to New York City to perform with the world-renowned composer Eric Whitacre, in a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall. Choir teacher Jennifer Oncken has been preparing the students for this moment through countless hours of rehearsals and practice throughout the school year.

“We have a large amount of music that we are doing and the music is really challenging,” Oncken said.“So we have been working on lots of music since day one of school just trying to break it down.”

Although most of the trip will be performing and practicing for the big day, the choir will also be doing other activities. They will be attending several musicals, museums and going to see all the sights New York has to offer.

“There’s a lot of different excursions that students have the ability to go see,” Oncken said. “Ellen’s Stardust Diner which has actually been kind of made famous by being on the tv show Glee, is a really cool diner that is really well known there in New York, so that’s on our list as well as lots of fun stuff.”

While there are a lot of fun things to do in New York, singing is the main focus. Many choir students are excited to take on New York and experience this amazing opportunity.

“I’m very excited,” choir student Chase Oncken said. “We are getting to work with a fantastic composer that everybody dreams to get to work with so the fact that we are getting this opportunity as high schoolers is quite phenomenal.”

Many emotions are stirring as this will be the choirs’ last hurrah of the school year since they will be gone from May 28 to June 1 just as the last days of school are rolling around. Although in the past the choir has had the chance to go to New York before this is many students’ first time going to this event.

“Choir is a really inclusive environment,”  Anna Clark, a choir student said. “I never feel out of place and anytime I do, Mrs. Oncken always makes it better”

All that’s left to do now is to continue to practice and prepare as the big day is almost here. Oncken has coached these singers all year and has enjoyed watching her students reach and accomplish their goals.

“It will be a musical experience of a lifetime and it will be an emotionally heavy event for all of my students,” Oncken said. “Getting to watch my students have the opportunity to experience all of this is a joyous and rewarding situation.”