The Close Relationship of the FHN Boys Track Team


Sophomore Brandon Lin takes off from a block start on April 1 in a track meet at Francis Howell Central. (Photo by Amoolya Pandurangi)

With there being many similarities between track and cross country, it’s not a surprise that many of the cross country runners in the fall take up some aspect of track in the spring. With most of the boys already completing a full season together, it makes for a team that feels more like a bunch of friends coming together to do something they enjoy.

“We all get along really well since most of us got to run cross country together during fall,” freshman and long distance runner Kevin Mcguire said.

Not everyone on the team is a returnee from cross country however, so the boys who did return took it upon themselves to help any new additions to the team feel welcomed.

“The team is full of very nice and welcoming people and I felt very included right away,” sophomore Brandon Lin said. “We all help each other a lot and everyone cares about each other. Everyone treats me very well.”