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Face-Off: Best Infinity Stone

Published: May 27, 2022

Here is a special face-off released in the underclassmen edition of the Northstar. Since the beginning, Infinity Stones have been in the MCU. As the movies and the universe expanded, so did the history and our understanding of the stones. The stones are all powerful when combined and all are great on their own, but the question is; which stone is the best?

The Mind Stone is the Best Stone

The Mind Stone is arguably one of the most important Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Maximoff, Vision and Pietro Maximoff all received powers from the Mind Stone. Wanda Maximoff and Vision are two very powerful characters within the MCU, without Wanda the final battle in Endgame would have turned out very differently. Not only did the Mind Stone give the MCU powerful heroes, it also gave the universe two interesting villains; Loki and Ultron. The mind stone was imbued in Loki’s scepter and without that stone the first Avengers movie would be far less interesting. In terms of Ultron, the Mind Stone gave him life and yet also made the Avengers better understand themselves as a team.

The Mind Stone was the last Infinity Stone to be taken by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War whereas the Space Stone was one of the first. The Mind Stone held on as long as it could, and may have never been taken if the other stones weren’t given away or stolen first. Vision and Ultron were able to take down Thanos with just the Mind Stone when Thanos went against them with the power of the other five stones in the MCU show ‘What If?’.

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The Space Stone is the Best Stone

The Space Stone from the stance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the start of it all. The Space Stone also, referred to as the Tesseract, not only helped Captain America survive his 80 years in the ice but it also infused Carol Danvers with its energy. While Wanda and Vision are very powerful, Captain Marvel is arguably just as powerful, if not more. The first Avengers movie was about Loki stealing the Space Stone so without it, Loki wouldn’t need to go to Earth therefore there would be no need for the Avengers.

There’s a reason the Space Stone was the first stone to be stolen. The Space Stone holds a lot of power and energy that’s why so many people want it. From Hydra to Shield and then Thanos, even the alien race of Skroll wanted the stone simply for its energy seen in Captain Marvel. The Space Stone not only is an energy source that allows the user to travel space instantly – hence its name.The stone transcends the universe and its power is amplified when used with other stones like the Power and Reality Stone. A good example of this is when Ultron somehow transported himself into the Watcher’s private dimension and then through his own universe and alternate universes. If that’s not telling on how important the Space Stone is, consider the fact that the stone has been in a ton of MCU movies and was the first stone introduced. 


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