North Street Coffee House Will Not Make a Return This Year


Credit to Morgan Chairs

Senior Aidan Neu sits on a bench in front of artwork that was created for the North Street Coffee House.

With Covid came not only the change in school and school activities but also the cancelation of  things. One cancellation being North Street. For those who don’t know, North Street was an event started in 2003. It is hosted by the learning commons every year. It was originally a two day open mic event where students and faculty could perform things like spoken word monologues, poetry and even musical acts in the learning commons and english classes come down and watch. However North Street has unfortunately been canceled the past two years and isn’t going to make its return this year.

“Over the past few years, Coffee House has kind of transitioned before COVID even happened, we were struggling to get enough performers,” Media Specialist Tara Willen said. “Then last year, we were like, Okay, we can bring classes in again, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any interest from the students. And so we decided not to host it and no one asked about the house until like February. So it just kind of like student interest dwindled over time.”

With North Street being gone for so long most students haven’t experienced it. This year’s senior class were the last to experience along with the North faculty working here at the time. Those who do remember North Street remember the experience being fun and exciting. One of those people being Assistant Principal Chris Birch who has performed in years past.

“Yeah, I liked performing,” Birch said. “It’s fun to get everybody else involved like, you know, So that’s what I really enjoyed about it. I think a lot of the students and the faculty really enjoy listening to all the different acts. I mean, whether it be poetry reading or artistic ones.”

As of right now and for the foreseeable future Coffee House will not be returning. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance it’ll come back. That is if there is enough student interest and participation.

“I loved hosting coffee house when everybody was excited about it but it is a ton of work,” Willen said. “I think it’s a possibility [to bring North Street back]. It would really have to be like the right kind of factors that came into it.”